Damn spells. Damn shadow-created body. And I would be damned if anyone knew.
I am not someone's servant, I am not a possession. I'm going to fix this. I'm not going to be like my bretheren.
I refuse to be controlled like this.
I refuse to be weak.

Bakura's scars bothered me too
The shadows should have healed them
Yet they healed like mortal wounds.

I don't care if he tells me why or not, as soon as I'm done, I'm going to find out myself.
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Just returned from the Shadow Realm.
Found what I was looking for.
Bakura, I'm returning your ring, as promised

..and Kisara blew up the microwave. Buy a new one.

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This is purely because I am amused at this.

Went around the city because Bakura was really boring to be around at the time, there was some sorta event in this building, (Someone explain to me what the hell is this thing called 'science.' ) something called 'plasticides' were on display and I wanted to see for myself what they were.


Dozens of human corpses, with the occasional horse and a camel, standing around the entire damn room...with the exception of the little ones that were in test tubes. Simply dead people with their skin and bodily fluids removed and replaced with a type of plastic to make them bend into different positions. Some humans were even sliced in half and the camel's head was split into three pieces. It was very interesting.

According to some of the dates on these things, a few were made this year. It's amusing contemplating the fact that these were once living humans that I could have past by on the street one day and I'm staring into their dead, soulless eyes while they are eternally preserved on display.

One that particularly interested me was called 'Angel.' A woman with the muscles on her back split open, carved and posed to look like wings. It reminded me of when I was...created.

((OOC: I'm sparing you people by not showing pictures. BE GRATEFUL!!! ))
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Decided to take Malik's old computer from the Game shop. Now Bakura can't bitch at me for always using his. Plus I took a few other things that were worth something of value. I find it very amusing that when the midget begs for his life, he calls out for the pharaoh to come and save him. It was pathetic but, none the less, funny to watch.
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